My Lead Gen Secret review

Welcome to my lead gen secret review for 2022. In this article I want to do a quick review of MLGS program and how you can take advantage of this great opportunity. My Lead Gen secret is perfect for those that don’t have an email list and want to get started with Email Marketing. I’m gonna lay it all out there; the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s my honest review and I won’t hold back anything.

What is My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS)? It is platform to get 100 leads per day, which cost $1.00/day.

The good: You can get 100 – 200 leads per day, that’s $0.01 – 0.005 per lead. It’s insane. It’s way cheaper than Solo Ads and the leads do convert. There are many testimonials on YouTube about this program as the leads are legit.

The bad: It’s ice cold leads, and I’m not sure if there are many buyers in the list. However, you must nurture your leads and warm them up. Every 3 days, provide value to your leads give them something for free; such as a guide on how to make money online with specific method, etc.

The ugly: the leads may be recycled, who really knows where these leads come from and if they are shared amongst every user in this MLGS system. We really can’t tell as you must test these leads for yourself. It can take anywhere from 3 months – 6 months to get any big sales. Will you stick to it? Most people won’t, and will quit after 1-month of not making any sales.

Do I recommend this to new people wanting to start making money online? A definite, YES! You don’t have to pay for an external email auto responder software and struggle with complicated setup. My Lead Gen Secret provides the email system from within, and it’s so easy to send emails to your leads.

Welcome to the world of email marketing! You can promote anything so as long as your offer is geared towards people who want to make money online. These are business opportunity seekers at the tip of your finger tip. I’ve tested this system for about 3-months now and made a few sales so I know it works. You just have to know how to work it the right way and be strategic about it. Don’t just go half-ass and copy email-swipes and click send. You must edit a bit and add good signature.

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