Do this to make $100+ per day on YouTube

This is an insider report on making $100 per day on YouTube. Anyone who markets products online knows that YouTube is the 2nd most biggest search engine in the world. With over 2.6 billion active users on a monthly basis. The income potential is limitless! What I teach in this guide is how to sell promotional services to YouTube video owners.
The average profit you can expect from this is: $20-$100+/day, this depends on the amount of time you spend on this business venture. The more action you take on this method, the higher the profit potential.

The average profit you can expect from this is: $20-$100+/day, this depends on the amount of time you spend on this business venture. The more action you take on this method, the higher the profit potential.
When you log into your YouTube account, simply browse and look for new uploaded YouTube videos and check to see if they have low views, subscribers, likes, etc. Are they new to YouTube?

You will be offering services on getting more YouTube views, subscribers, likes, comments, etc. These people are not even aware that there is this type of service available and where to even find such social media services. They don’t know such services even exist online.

Step 1: Research Prospects
Log into YouTube and Look for newly uploaded videos by people who you think will pay for your service. It can be some examples such as the below.

  • new music artists
  • politicians
  • small businesses
  • new YouTube users
  • amateur comedians
    and so many others.

Example search query: Type a search phrase “hip hop”, then click the search button. Next, you want to click the filters drop down arrow.

Now, click the “Upload date” and YouTube will show new videos first from the list.

Just go down the list of new YouTube videos and click on a video and then verify they have little to NO views, comments, subscribers, likes, etc. Click their username and select “about”, in there you will be able to contact the video owner. You should see their email address displayed on this page. Copy their email address for later.

Step 2: Contact Prospects
Open up your email program (Gmail) and send an email to the owner of the video and offer them your social media services.

Example email:
“Hi (video owner), I just watch your video on YouTube and love it! However, I see that you don’t have many views or likes. I have a special service that you might find interesting. I can get you 1,000 video views and 50 subscribers for $40,. etc.

Click Here to See my offer.” <- – link should go to your website which offers the service. It should have your “buy it now” PayPal button.
Just keep it short and sweet to the point. Try to create more variations of this email copy and see which ones makes you the most sales. Split test to get the most profits.

You will get questions from curious buyers about your service and if it’s legit. Just try to answer honestly about your services and try to build trust with the clients, but don’t tell them you will be outsourcing the work. Show them your Facebook profile if you have to, this way you will present yourself as a real person and not a scammer. You run a legitimate online business and your business is promoting YouTube videos to get more views, likes, comments, etc.
The more action you take, the higher chance of earning big with this method.

Like I mentioned, charge $20 – $50 for your service and you will make a good chunk of profits from each order. Making $100+ per day is very possible with this strategy! The sky’s the limit.

Step 3. Outsource the work
Now, when you get some orders coming in. You need to go to and buy some gigs there. – (a website which has many providers for social media services for dirt cheap prices!)
Buy media services for $5.00 and resell to YouTube video owners for $20 – $50 each. The profit margins are great! You can even combine services you get from and resell to YouTube video owners.
See example: Type “youtube” and click “Find Services” to search.

You will see something like the below services available. YouTube services for only $5. These services can range from $5 – $10+.

Let’s say you contact 20 video owners on YouTube about your service and 3 people buy your service at $20 each. You made a profit of $45 and you only spent about $15.00 outsourcing the work on If you charged $50 for each order that’s $135 net profit you made that day! Do you see the profit potential in this?
You will even sometimes get repeat buyers if they like your fast response of your services. Treat your customers well and they will buy from you for a long time.
These potential buyers on YouTube think that this is hard work. You’ll be surprised at the level of response you’ll get with this method.

The customer potential here is infinite as there are millions of YouTube users online at any given time and this method will never get saturated. There are just too many people on YouTube and their user base is growing by the millions daily.

As long as the customer pays you first, you need to process the orders for them. Just so you know, YouTube view counts don’t update as quickly as you need them to. It may take a few minutes to a few hours later.
Make sure your service provider on spreads the work over a number of days. You don’t want any of your customers having their YouTube accounts terminated.

Use PayPal for the method of payments, so you would need to give them your PayPal email address. If you want to look more professional in the eyes of your customers/clients, just build a simple website and embed your PayPal button on the web page offering your services.

Make sure to explain the benefits of your services. Think about this. Why is it important for videos to have more views, comments, likes, and subscribers?

Summary of this YouTube Cash System:
You basically sell video owners a social media service for a small fee and in return outsource the work to someone else, then keep the profits. There is not much work on your part. All or most of the hard work is outsourced. All you do is process the orders and keep the profits. This method works only if you take action! Are you an action taker?

  1. Log into YouTube & look for new videos uploaded.
  2. Contact video owners about your service.
  3. Respond to questions about your service.
  4. Get PAID via PayPal!
  5. Outsource the work on

Just Rinse and Repeat to Make More Money!

Thanks for reading my report, I wish you all the best!