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The Benefits of Using SEO for Your Small Business

The Benefits of Using SEO for Your Small Business

SEO: What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is quickly becoming one of the best marketing strategy to help small businesses get established in the markets. Basically, the companies use relevant customer-targeting keywords on their site as often as it makes sense to. The keywords relate to the nature of the small business, and are supposed to be similar to what a potential customer might type into a search engine. When the small business works those words onto their website, they publicize their company, because the process increases the chances that a customer will come across their company when using a search engine.

Can it really help your small business?

It certainly can! The business tactic has gained popularity for a good reason. It works! Companies have used it to increase their customer base and to make people more aware of their company. Small companies are becoming less small, because they are higher on the results lists of common search engine entries. Any company that is serious about getting its name out and becoming one of the top businesses in its class should use SEO, or else it will get left behind in the dust, by all of the other companies that are already trying it.

An example of new small businesses using this strategy:
John opens a small local embroidery / screen printing shop called “All County Embroidery” and needs customers. John lives in Rochester, NY and needs people to recognize his new business start up. John hires a digital advertising firm to market his business/services. The advertising firm uses SEO to get John’s website ranked for the keyword: ’embroidery rochester, ny’ and ‘screen printing in rochester ny’. Now John’s website ( ranks on the top pages of google for these keywords. People who search on google for these keywords will see John’s website and learn more of his services/business. John is happy he gets new customers, consistently.

Just remember to use it wisely. Many companies try to take advantage of the search engines by simply putting the keywords on their websites over and over again. While this might bring your website higher on the list of results, customers will quickly lose interest and trust in your site. They will know you have cheated to reach recognition. Use the keywords in real ways, like a company blog or informational pages about your company. Best of luck to your small company! If you’re thinking about SEO, you’re probably on the path to success!

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