Make $300+ per Day Online by Reselling Used Items on eBay

Whenever I need money or short on cash, I always turn to eBay to get myself paid. I hear it all the time with people, when they need cash they look to someone else to provide for them. “Can I borrow $100? I can’t pay my phone bill, and i’m behind on rent.” Most people are lazy in general and want a quick fix to their needs/problems. As for me, I like to be self-reliance. Start thinking of ways I can make money without asking for someone else help.

Want to start affiliate marketing, but have no startup cash? Need a quick way to make some money and launch your first campaign?

Here’s an excellent way to make money online by using the E-commerce platform. I’ve been a member of eBay since July 2001 and have been reselling since 2004. eBay is a great way to get rid of used items you have lying around the house if you want to declutter the house. But, for a lot of people for so many years are making a full-time living with it.

The basic concept of this strategy:
go to thrift shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army around town, Ross, TJ maxx, Walmart,
purchase items you know will make a profit and bring home, clean them, list on eBay. PROFIT!

Research items before you buy is the key. YOU make money when you buy.

Below is the gross sales of my eBay business to date. $15,345.34 That’s selling very part-time through out the years.

You can expand your business to other platforms such as, : : : offerUp : and many others. Here’s a link a recent Yahoo news story about 3 people making $150K+ per year on eBay reselling used items. I currently supplement my income doing this now part-time and bring in an average of $500+ a month.

There’s no excuse to be jobless and broke! Make things happen for your self. Take control of your destiny and get paid! With $10 you can walk into a thrift store and research some potential items to resell for big profits on eBay.

Making $300+ per day on eBay is not only possible; it’s what some people pull in regularly. You have to sell the right items and know how to do proper product research. Sell high ticket items such as iPhones, iPads, Laptops, and you’ll reach $10k a month pretty quickly. Don’t believe me? Check out the RockStarFlipper on Youtube: CLICK HERE He’s doing about $12k revenue per month consistently and has 2,000+ products listed on eBay currently.

The tools every eBay seller needs:
– shipping scale
– smartphone with eBay app
– lighting setup
– a computer
– poly bags
– bubble mailers
– shipping tape and tape gun
– boxes (free) you can order via and for some free boxes. Go ask your local supermarket for some too.

Have any questions about reselling on eBay? Send me a message here:

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