E-Com Drop Shipping Lifestyle: 30-day Earnings Report

I started drop shipping on eBay about a month ago and so far the results are amazing. I’ve been selling on and off since 2004, and haven’t seen numbers like this before. It’s motivational to look at. Some guys start this and 2-weeks into drop shipping they’re complaining about not making any sales, or it’s not working for them. Well, I can tell you, this does work if you have the right systems in place.  Automation tracking software is a must when you need to check item stock from your suppliers. Fuck, I’ve been selling physical products for 15+ years on eBay and now finally realized this method is real and it truly works!

My goal is to drop ship 95% and 5% sell thrift store items (higher profit margins). Drop shipping items gives you really low margins in the range of 5% – 20%. You have to push big volume if you want to see big margins and earnings. Here is my current screenshot: net profit is about 22% of total Sales 30-days. ($4,290.82) = net ($943.98) Not bad for 6 hours of work weekly on this venture. Considering, I only dedicated a few hours to do this, it’s cool to see numbers like this. I can really scale this up big time with virtual assistants and proper system set-up.

How did I learn to do this? YouTube videos is where it’s at if you want to learn anything.  I read about drop shipping many years ago, but never took any action because I was afraid of things. But now, having received an eBay item come to my house delivered in the Amazon box; i questioned if people were still doing this drop shipping business. I did further research on Youtube and sure enough many people are still doing it. I had to give it a try, so I listed my first drop ship item (laptop from Amazon) on eBay and BAM! The item SOLD next day at $418.97 with profit margin of $30 (net). I was excited to keep going. It took me 5-minutes to list this item on eBay and I made $30 net from it. The internet landscape is amazing!

This opened up my eyes to many possibilities! There’s so many retailers and wholesale suppliers online it’s insane. The income potential is limitless. I’m still testing different software and strategies to get this business off the ground. 2017 will be a great year!

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