1. Keyword focused anchor text with external sites

This means that your back links from other website are often using a certain keyword such as ‘Movies’. Understanding this is very simple, if 100 websites link to you using the anchor text of ‘Movies’, Google is going to say, “Hey, this site must be about movies!” and rank your site accordingly for this keyword. This is by far the most important factor and you can nearly rank a website with this alone!

  1. Quantity/Quality of external sites

This is the amount of sites and quality of the sites that are linking to you. The best way to understand this is by thinking of each site as having votes they can give your site. For example a link from a PR8 site can be worth 1000 votes while a link from a PR1 site is only worth 1 vote. You want to get the best sites possible to link to you!

  1. Diversity of link sources

Its often thought that you should only get links from similar websites but you want links from everyone! Getting a wide variety of links makes it seems more natural, telling Google that your site is of great quality since people from all over are linking to you.

  1. Keyword use in the title tag

Using the keyword in your H1,H2, and H3 tags.

  1. Trust of your domain

This is about how old your domain is, how many quality sites link to you, how long those sites have been linking to you, how often you update content, and much more.

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Now that you know the most important factors, I will explain all the steps I follow when creating a site to achieve amazing SEO. I will be using a movie site for all examples I provide since this is what people are most familiar with.


Choosing your keywords

The tools I use to find keywords is http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/ – If you type “Watch Movies” it will give you a list of the most popular search terms similar to watch movies. You will want to pick one of the most popular search terms for your niche and focus on it until you are ranking well. For this eBook we will choose “Watch Movies Online Free”

Domain name

You always want a .com when possible, it is what people are most familiar with. Don’t go after a .net or .org unless you love the name. There was actually a study done where they asked over 1000 people to visit a .net, two weeks later they asked the same group of people to go back to the same website without telling them it was a .net again, over 25% of the people ended up typing .com. Now when choosing a domain you want to get a domain with a good keyword, if it’s not available you want to get something that is brand able and easy to remember. Never use hyphens! For this eBook I would choose a domain such as watchmoviesfree.com, watchmoviesonlinenow.com, or moviesonlinefree.com. Not only is having the keywords in your title good for rankings, it is also good for conversions because these words will be bold in the search results causing people to click your site more often. However since this niche is very large none of these would be available, so I would create a memorable domain such as “moviemashers.com” (I don’t know if this is taken, but we will use it for the eBook).


Content / Titles

For my page title it would be “Watch Movies Online Free | MovieMashers.com”. You should follow this same structure for internal pages by changing the page title slightly but keeping as many of the keywords as possible. An example internal page title would be “Watch Avatar Movie Online Free | MovieMashers.com”. Now in the content for every page you want to have an H1 tag and H2 tag in the upper half of the page containing the keywords you want to rank for, this is extremely important. You also want to include a variety of content on each page, never have a page with ONLY text or ONLY images. You should always have a paragraph on each page containing many of your keywords inside the paragraph.


Friendly URLs

The URLs of your internal pages should always be easy and contain the keywords when possible. Remember, every keyword in your URL will be bold in the search results.

  • Good URL: http://www.moviemashers.com/avatar-movie.html
  • Bad URL: http://www.moviemashers.com/ID=5466?



You should have two sitemaps for each site. One for the site itself and one for Google. The first sitemap should simple be a list of links to every page on your site. You will put a link to this sitemap in the footer. This is mainly to increase your indexing in Google. They crawlers love these sitemaps because it gives instant access to every page on your site. The second sitemap is an XML sitemap, there are many tools and add-ons to help you create an XML Sitemap.

Once the XML sitemap and your site is ready for launch you need to submit the XML sitemap in your Google Webmaster Account. (http://google.com/webmasters/tools/ ) Once you add your site to Webmasters tools you will be able to add a sitemap under “Site Configuration”. This will be downloaded by Google and let them know about every page on your site. VERY IMPORTANT!!!


  • You need to get your site CSS and XHTML Validated. Once you fix all the errors on your site, you should provide a link in your footer to your validation pages.
  • XHTML Validator: http://validator.w3.org/
  • CSS Validator: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/


Frequent Updates

You need to update multiple times per week, daily if possible. It is very important that Google doesn’t index your site twice and see that you haven’t updated anything. For a movie site this is easy, you can just add more movies. For other niches the easiest way is to add informational pages. I usually browse article sites such as ezinearticles.com and go articles.com to find good information. At a minimum, you can just take one of your pages and rewrite some of the sentences.



Possibly the most important thing for you to do is make your site completely FREE. There is nothing that will make your site spread faster than providing quality content for free. In most case I leave my sites completely free until I hit page one for the desired keyword or until I reach 2000+ unique users per day. Adding the widget early will almost instantly stop the sites growth.

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