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Get a detailed report on what changes you need to improve your sites rankings! I will report on search engine optimization,site errors, increasing conversions,content and more and show you how to fix any errors I find
I will…

Check your onsite and offsite seo and tell if you if you are at risk of getting hit by Google algorithm updates

Show you how to optimize your site and strategy to avoid any penalties and to get the best results.

Provide a detailed competitor analysis.

Give you a long term plan that will help you to rank your site and to boost your traffic.

This report includes

  • site audit
  • competitor analysis
  • Report any errors and show you how to fix them
  • show you if you have been penalized by Google or if you are at risk.
  • SEO Action plan to rank your site

Any sites accepted in any language and adult niches accepted

I need your website URL address and at least one main keyword you want to rank.

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Your PDF report will be delivered via email. Please allow 2 days to receive your order. Thank you for your business!

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Keith Surivan