Implementing some Minimalism into my Life

My life has always been cluttered with stuff ever since growing up in the 80’s, we’ve accumulated so much things we didn’t even need. We would buy crazy amounts of clothes, furniture, toys, and electronics. I found it really hard when I needed to do work around the office or just a simple task of trying to find a matching sock to wear drove me nuts.

Life can be cluttered as fuck if you don’t take care of your shit!

On Living Simple: It’s taking me a long time to build up this lifestyle, and it will always be a work in progress.  I find it’s really hard to declutter by getting rid of most of my stuff. But I’ve learned that having less stuff equals to less stress and a clear mind (thought process), which makes things easier for decision making.

Society keeps us in buying mode with their endless advertisings of consumer products. Fuck that shit! I want to create a ZEN lifestyle, carefree and simple. Just need my most important necessities to survive.

Quote: “hack away at the unessentials”bruce lee

Some benefits I think you’ll have by decluttering your space.
– focus better
– clear mind
– quick easy find (saving time)
– work more efficient
– no decision fatigue

So, get rid of stuff that doesn’t give you any value in life. Cut out the non-essentials. Ask yourself, does this item provide me happiness?, if YES: keep it, if NO: trash that shit! Make room for quality stuff.

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