How to Promote your Business with Facebook Ads

Need leads, sales, or conversions for your business? This article will help you get started with advertising on Facebook.

Why Facebook Ads? There’s about 1.86 billion active users online monthly on Facebook, that’s almost 2 billion users on Facebook monthly. From 900,000 logins a minute, every minute of the hour. You cannot ignore this traffic source. Facebook should be your number #1 traffic source if you want to generate sales for your online business or any business for that matter. Their Alexa ranking is at #3: which means it’s the 3rd most popular website in the world!

I’ve been advertising on Facebook since mid 2008. So I can share a few tips and strategies to get leads/sales through Facebook. Below are just a few steps on getting started with Facebook Ads. The whole process explained here really quick. This is just a general guideline.

The Step-by-Step Process:

– Sign into your Facebook via desktop
– Click on Ads Manager on left panel
– Click on Create Ad on the top right
– Select your marketing objective: Why do you want launch this FB ad? If you want to just get website traffic “click on Traffic”.
– Type in your campaign name at the bottom ” ex: my blog post
– Type in your ad set name for targeting purposes: 18+ USA. Atlanta. Male. then I’ll type mine like this etc. US – 18+ATL_Male
Then choose were you want to drive traffic to: type: website or messenger / or app

-Now select your audience carefully. Who are you targeting on Facebook? What type of audience do you want to drive traffic to?
Custom Audiences: target ads to people who know your business.
Age: (you can also set the age range)
Detailed Targeting options: interests,

– Click “Save This Audience” at the bottom.

Select your budget and Schedule
– Type in your daily budget and schedule your ad run time.

Optimization for Ad Delivery: Link Clicks is what i always choose and recommended.
Bid Amount: select automatic or manual.
When you get Charged: Pay per impressions or Link Click (cost per click) I normally choose CPC.
Ad Scheduling: I normally choose to run ads all the time and check my stats later.
Delivery Type: Standard / Accelerated (i normally choose standard)

– Click Continue:

On this page:
– Type in your Ad Name then select the Format.
You have 5 ad format options here: Carousel, Single Image, Single Video, Slideshow, and Canvas. Choose one that will most impact your audience.
– Upload your images for this Ad campaign. The recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Page & Links:
– Now you have to enter the text for your ad.
Connect your Facebook page or just turn off news feed ad. The only way to have ads shown on News feed is to advertise it through your Facebook fan page.

Select website URL or messenger/text. I normally do URLs.

Type in your Headline.
Make it catchy and appealing to get that high CTR (click thru-rate)
– Enter the text that tells people what your promoting.
– Select your (Call To Action) button from the drop down menu.

News Feed Link Description: Type in your news feed description for this ad.
Display Link: self expanatory. my example (

URL Parameters (optional)
for tracking purposes.

Offline tracking: don’t worry about this
this is an offline event you have to track it. like a local seminar.

Pixel Tracking:
This is the Facebook pixel for tracking leads & sales. You would need copy this to your landing page or website.
you can create one pixel for tracking, optimization and remarking.
‘create a pixel”.

When all settings are done.
– click on “Place Order” at the bottom right. Now you just have to wait for your ad to get approval.

Tracking of your Ads:

What’s the point of launching FB ad campaigns if you don’t know, or can’t tell what’s your best performing ad creatives. Which ads are brining you the most leads or sales?

Here’s a trick I use to track my best performing ads.
Ad one:

What do I need?

– a computer
– Facebook account
– a small budget of $5 / per day to test your ads.
– time and patience

Examples of local businesses using Facebook Ads to get new customers:

Steve has a local screen printing shop in town and needs more clients.
(insert pic of ad)

Lily is a local real estate agent and need more leads:
(insert pic of ad)

Robert is an email marketer and needs leads/prospects:
(insert pic of ad)

Video Tutorial of all Steps on this post:

video coming soon. thanks for your patience! Video is in production now.

Not Tech Savy or don’t have the time? Hire me to launch your Facebook Ad campaigns. The costs: I charge per lead, depending on the business structure. We can also discuss a one-time cost of just launching your first ad campaign. Contact Keith: Click Here to Message me

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