The End of 2017 is Near: My Review

Oh wow, what a year it’s been! With so many changes in my life and business overall. I’m juggling between my 2 businesses, off-line and online. There’s just so much to do for one person. I’ve learned that it is a bit too much to handle, without any real team to work with. I’m looking forward to some changes in the next year, business wise.

Mid Year of 2017:
I took action on eBay drop shipping in mid July and hit some good numbers, then slowed down a bit towards end of November. I’m rather dissappointed with myself, as I know i could’ve done better.

Drop shipping from Amazon to eBay is harder than i expected though, and not suprisingly I ran into many problems, among them, the competition is fierce, it’ s crazy. Products running out of stock, from vendors is a headache.

But, the drop shipping business model is real and works! I’ve been testing other E-com platforms to drop ship from and found out the margins are way bigger. It’s just a matter of building out my team and scaling at this point, now to achieve greater results.

On Losing Weight:
In October, I discovered some strategies to lose weight and have been exercising to compliment. And so, I lost about 15-lbs total, in just a little under 2-months. My weight is continuing to drop and I’m happy with the progress so far. Click Here to read about what I’m currently doing. This shit works! If you work it and are disciplined enough.

I don’t plan on going anywhere for New Years eve, am gonna ride this one out at home. It will be (-2) degrees here in Rochester, NY. It’s snowing here like MAD in upstate NY, as a result my celebration will be at home.

My Goals for next year: 2018

– Focus more on Affiliate Marketing and keeping a monthly journal.
– Hire my first VA employee to handle customer service & product listings.
– Get rid of more useless crap out of my life!
– Get my weight down to 140-lbs, with body fat of 8%.

Well there you have it. That’s my year in review. What are some of your goals & aspirations for the coming year? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


Keith S.

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