I’m on the LB Love Body Diet! Just sharing my experiences with this diet product here. I’ve never taken’ any diet pills in my life. But hey, I have free access to it. So it’s all good and plus I desperately need to lose belly fat. I’m trying to form healthy habits from here on out.

What is the L.B.9 Love Body Dietary Supplement?

It’s a product that has all natural ingredients such as White Kidney Bean, Garcinia Extract, Chitosan, and Cactus Extract. I don’t know what the heck “9 stands for. Anyone? So, DJ Tonhorm is supposedly the product creator, because I see his name written on the box. Could this person be a doctor? Can I trust this person? I don’t know, but I do trust my family. So I’m trying it out.

I was introduced to this dietary supplement known as the LB Love Body few weeks ago by a family member. She says this product is manufactured and made in Thailand only. Ok, great while i’m hitting the gym weekly. I mine as well take this and see how it goes. I got nothing to lose at this point and I’ll try anything to lose weight. Just hate the way I look, when viewing the mirror, or even a sweater looks ugly on me due to belly fat popping out! LOL,. WTF!

I don’t know how the product is going to work or if by taking these pills, will I even lose the pounds? Does this product actually work? I can say I haven’t been much hungry lately and eat less now during meals. I mean with everything it takes time to see results of course. We’re in a society where every one expects instant results.

The Process of intake:

I take one pill in the morning and one pill at night 45-mins before dinner. Going to the gym definitely helps. I can feel my fat burning off my body, sweating a lot. My original weigh-in was about 164 lbs (mostly belly fat). My body weight is now 149 lbs, however, my end goal is 140 lbs. I’ve been taking this supplement for almost 3-months now and it feels good. I mean it’s not a magical pill that will shed away the pounds for me quickly. When I wake up drink 16 oz of water and take the pill. My brain is dehydrated, so i drink a lot of water. That’s part of my morning routine anyhow, so I added the pill with it.

I’m putting in the work to bring myself to a better me. My mind has got to be right. The Motivation to lose weight has to be fired up! I get off work and I hit the gym, it’s not so much like a routine, but more like a habit. Make it a habit to do healthy things and your body will change in time. I want to be a better version of myself by end of 2018. We all have personal goals right.

The LB Love Body diet comes in 30 capsules to a box. This would last you for 30-days, if you take only one-pill a day. I’m a bit overweight so I take 2-caps a day, so I need 2 boxes a month. But yea, it doesn’t mean i’ll be taking this forever. I eventually want to stop the pills and stay fit naturally, with healthy daily habits. Exercising, while maintaining a healthy diet is key!

I eat way less sugar and carbohydrates now (2g or less of sugar and 5g or less of carbohydrates). I look at everything I eat. You just have to be strict with this diet, in order to lose the weight. Cut out all junk food and exercise 3-times a week (early mornings on empty stomach). The reason for this is when exercising on empty stomach, my body fat will be used for energy when doing my training and weight lifting is great because even when you leave the gym, your body will be burning out the calories. It’s not rocket science guys!

Simple truth: Losing body weight consists of mainly. 80-90% diet plan and 10% exercise ‘training regime’. I train about 45 mins in the gym, with 15-minute jogging on treadmill and then 30-minutes weight lifting. It’s important to keep your heart rate at 120 bpm – 140 bpm when jogging.

But seriously, you DON’T need to take any diet pills or anything to lose weight. You can do it naturally, by following a strict diet plan and simple exercise. I’m just sharing what I did, that worked for me.

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