Hi, I’m Keith Surivan! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been advertising online since Feb 2008, and I’ll be sharing only the best tips and strategies to make money online with Affiliate Marketing. Please note: there will also be some blog posts about my travels, and everything else that’s important in my life’s journey.

My passions include: internet marketing, traveling, life hacking, productivity, minimal living, retro gaming and getting the best damn boba tea in town. My fav: HONEY DEW!

I hope you find value by reading some articles on this blog. You might learn something new that can better your financial situation, and life in general. I’m constantly researching, reading, learning and testing new ways to make my life better. To be a better person. To be a better version of myself.

I recently joined the gym ‘planetfitness’ about a few months ago and have been going 3x weekly. The key here is consistency. They say you’re at about 50% success rate just by showing up. It’s motivated me to keep pushing towards my overall goal. Everything we do, every action we take, impacts are lives tremendously. Hope you enjoy my content!

– Keith S.