How to Sign Up as a Seller

How to become an Amazon Seller:

First, setup an Amazon seller account. For the time being, you can select the option to ‘Sell as an Individual’ and avoid the monthly fee. Next, add FBA to your seller account.

Round up your ‘valuable goods’ and, if possible, pack them up into individual boxes. Doing so will prepare you for the next step, which is setting up and managing where your shipped stuff will live on Amazon.

Sign in at Amazon Seller Central and go to the Inventory menu. Choose to ‘Add a listing.’ Because Amazon stores and tracks inventory in marked boxes, you will also need to create a new box for each individual box you send.


What is Amazon FBA?

In short, you send items to Amazon, they sell them, package them, and ship them to the customer. They can even handle returns, customer service, and refunds. All in all, if you use the program correctly, it’s a power platform to expand your business, income, and online presence.

IMPORTANT NOTE: much of the power brought by FBA is because all products you have on FBA are eligible for Amazon Prime. This includes free 2-day shipping, something almost no-one can offer except Amazon.