Top 5 Most Important Ranking Factors in SEO

Keyword focused anchor text with external sites This means that your back links from other website are often using a certain keyword such as ‘Movies’. Understanding this is very simple, if 100 websites link to you using the anchor text of ‘Movies’, Google is going to say, “Hey, this site must be about movies!” and … [Read more…]

How To Make Money With YouTube Now

If you were to ask how to make money with YouTube you would most likely be told about the three methods shown below. But before I describe these three ways I need to point out that there are also other profitable methods but which are not as well known. The three typical methods include:- Being … [Read more…]

What is Amazon FBA?

In short, you send items to Amazon, they sell them, package them, and ship them to the customer. They can even handle returns, customer service, and refunds. All in all, if you use the program correctly, it’s a power platform to expand your business, income, and online presence. IMPORTANT NOTE: much of the power brought … [Read more…]